Thursday 5 March 2009

Thursday 5th March 2009
Recently back from a great two and a half weeks in GHANA and what a great country. Very safe, very friendly people and stacked full of some truly fantastic birds! The only downside was the puddings really do not come up to scratch! Chocolate Ice Cream in Accra was the best we could muster!

The bird highlight of the trip was without doubt seeing the legendary Yellow-headed Picathartes.

Picathartes Nest Site

Crap Photo of the bird itself, but you get the general idea!

Other highlights included birding from the Canopy Walkway suspended 40 metres above the forest floor.........

and seeing many of the fantastic other species such as.......

Blue-headed Bee-Eater

Black Bee-Eater

Chocolate-backed Kingfisher

Some photos of
Ghana Life........

A visit to Mole NP was a pleasure.......

The Mole viewpoint is a short stroll from the Hotel where Elephants were a daily occurrence

Some other memories............

The fantastic Black-casqued Hornbill

The very common but still impressive White-throated Bee-Eater

and the more difficult to find Black Dwarf Hornbill

The Stick Mosque at Larabanga

Me helping the locals make Foo Foo

Village Weaver

and finally a chilling memory from the past - Cape Coast Castle. One of many places where the slave trade continued

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