Tuesday 9 June 2009

Monday 8th June 2009
Today news broke of an adult Baird's Sandpiper at nearby Seaton, so after another visit to the Lawn Bakery, we decided to head over and have a look. On arrival, Dinger and I were faced with a very bright looking wader with bright reddish ear coverts and many ginger edgings to the scapulars and two obvious pale braces on the back - Not your average adult Baird's Sandpiper it has to be said! Unhappy with the id despite no-one semming to question it, I rattled off a few pics asking the question to Dinger, why not an adult Little Stint? Once back home and checking the internet, it seemed that someone at least had already come to the same conclusion. However, I have to say it is always good to see birds like this and fair play to the finder for bravely admitting a mistake afterwards - Whatever anyone may tell you EVERYONE makes mistakes in birding at some point........

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