Tuesday 9 June 2009

Saturday 6th June 2009
DINGERRRR and Rachel came to stay this weekend and it was a bit of a wash-out today with the weather, so we were pretty much house bound sampling pastries from the local bakery. The shock news however, was that the Lawn Bakery had no Maple and Pecan Slices so we had to make do with some Cherry and Almond Danish Pastries instead. Dinger gave me a hard time after I had built up the Maple and Pecan Slices into such a fantastic pastry, but once he shovelled in the Cherry and Almond beauty, he was soon silenced!

The evening was spent watching the Tawny Owl adult searching for worms on the deck and we also enjoyed some corking views of the cotton wool youngster too!


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  2. The Devon pastries screw-up

    To put the record straight, I was disappointed with the Cherry and Almonds as the Maple and Pecans Slices because not only had they been hyped up but worse still tragically misidentified!

    On arrival at the Lawn Bakery we immediately located the pastries lurking on a white tray and grease-prove paper in the window - typical Maple and Pecan Slice behaviour. However, straight away alarm bells starting ringing! There was no sign of the diagnostic sliced pecans on the upperparts and the pastries were sporting obvious rufous edges to the icing and a bright red cherry on the top - not Maple and Pecan Slice features at all! Also, the jizz was all wrong, being larger, more rounded and not the squarer 'weetabix' shape of your typical Maple. Structurally they were not quite right either, being flatter and flimsy whereas Maples are thicker and stockier. Surely these were a bunch of Cherry and Almonds we thought? But nobody present was questioning the ID and one chap even commented that this Maple was a lifer and was lapping it up. Unhappy with the ID, we purchased four and left the bakery. Back home we were able to make a closer analysis, consulting the images we had taken and even having a bite and all doubts were gone - these were DEFINATELY Cherry and Almonds! But then what did we find - the information service had put them out as Bakewell Tarts!!! What the hell???