Monday 7 June 2010

Many Thanks

Whilst I am still in a state of delerium, I must not forget to thank the following people for commenting on our suspicions before we were 100% sure of the id:

Mike Langman - for taking the time to listen down my mobile to a muffled tape recording whilst on Lundy with intermittent signals!
Peter Alfrey - for putting up with my delerious state whilst seeking advice!
Darryl Spittle - for managing to extract the recording and produce a great sonogram that we could compare to Petrels Night & Day
Killian Mullarney - for his swift response and very positive words on the id to re-assure us we were not losing the plot!

Magnus Robb - for taking time to listen to the recoring whilst on holiday and respond with great detail as to why it is in his vast experience, a Barolo's Shearwater!

I need to lie down now!

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