Tuesday 22 February 2011

Challenging Identification features?

Above: Tricky identification of boots. Easily confused with much better quality boots.

QUESTION: what is the simplest identification? Confidently identifying an Oriental Turtle Dove or identifying your own footwear?

ANSWER: clearly it should be the latter, but it seems that some people have problems with the most elementary of tasks, as highlighted by my trip to Chipping Norton today.


Returned to Chipping Norton today and successfully twitched the ORIENTAL TURTLE DOVE thanks to the great hospitality of a local resident allowing access to his house. Here the bird showed very well feeding in the garden. Understandably, the house owner requested that all visitors leave their footwear outside the house.

Having watched the bird for an hour, I left the house to find that some complete muppet had walked off in my "brown" gore-tex walking boots and kindly left me their crappy "grey" walking boots (a size smaller) in return. How considerate, thank you so much!

I left messages on the bird information services for birders to make contact with me, but needless to say, I am still waiting.


  1. I hear you Jaffa. I left my mud-clodden wellies or rubber boots outside a hotel in Ecuador once, thinking I was being considerate and doing the right thing. Only to find in the morning that a neighborhood dog had run off with one of my boots in the night!

  2. 1 hour ?!! I only got 5 minutes.....

    Nice boots btw... 8)