Thursday 24 March 2011

Everybody stay calm, it's just a red kite!

Thursday 24th March Having now returned from Scotland and leaving the Golden and Sea Eagles behind me, I felt it only right to give the patch a whirl today. A stomp around the coastal path produced little other than a single Wheatear and the Otter was fairly quiet too with just a couple of Black-tailed Godwits and the last remaining Wigeon and Teal plus 17 Shelduck (27 present on the 22nd). However, whilst cycling back home along the seafront, the entire Budleigh gull population went balistic and I started scanning the skies, to be rewarded with a fine red kite heading north. This was the second time I have seen red kite on the patch and it was still eluding the garden list and looking at its flight path, it MUST have flown over the garden! So I sped off in hot pursuit and saw the bird again heading for some high ground that I knew was visible from home! Alas, once in the garden it had already passed by - Never mind, there is always cake to take away the pain........ All copyright to the poster below goes to my good friend the RAW BAKER, now taking postal delivery orders for her wonderful cakes and pudings!

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