Saturday, 20 August 2011

British Birdwatching Fair 2011

Friday 19th/ Saturday 20th August
The Mrs and I ventured to Middle England for the annual pigrimage that is the British Birdwatching Fair. This year's conservation effort (and the following two years) are focussing on helping conserve migratory birds that use one of the following three Global Flyways.
The African -Eurasian Flyway
The Americas Flyway

The East Asian - Australasian Flyway

The focus this year was on the African - Eurasian Flyway of which many of our migrant birds obviously use. It is thought that many of the problems lie within the birds wintering grounds in and around West Africa in particular. The BTO & RSPB are very much involved in researching the cause for many of these species declines with the recent shocking downward trends for species like Nightingale and Turtle Dove to name just two. Quite depressing that both these species have declined a further 20+% this year alone! More here:

On a lighter note, much networking, chatting to "celebs" such as Mr Baker and Mr Mullarney and catching up with old friends was the flavour of the two days. Great to catch up with many old friends and people that I have had the pleasure to get to know whilst guiding overseas. Also, managed to discuss future trips and make plans. Hopefully, I shall be returning to do some guiding in Ghana and Brazil next year and the Snow Leopard mission is on!

"Blaina" grips me off with a couple of Iced
Buns that he
just happened to have lurking in
his bag! I liked his style.......


  1. Good to see you at BF, Jaffa. Unfortunately your cake id is slipping - they were not merely 'iced buns', these were belgian buns! That cherry and lemon make all the difference.

  2. To be honest Steve I'm not surprised at this schoolboy error. I mean, Jaffa is much more into mammals nowadays than he is cakes, and probably can't even separate everyday common cakes like an Iced Finger from a Chocolate Eclaire! Shame really, he had so much promise!