Wednesday 14 September 2011

Three Yank Waders and a Sab's Gull

Tuesday 13th September
Couldn't resist a day in Cornwall today following the discovery of a Greater Yellowlegs yesterday afternoon on the Camel Estuary. It wasn't a good start as Russ, Doug and I arrived at around 09.30hrs only to find the bird had not been seen. However, the Camel is a big estuary and so we headed out to look for it. After a highly predictable "claim" of the GYL, that was clearly a juvenile Redshank, we continued with our search further up the estuary searching the various waders. However, one guy still refused to believe us and insisted the redshank was the Yellowlegs, despite having a Questar Telescope and the bird being relatively close!

We trudged further up the estuary and spoke to a chap who had seen the GYL, but it had been flushed by a shooter on the estuary! So, we continued scanning 2 miles up the estuary, but still no sign. Our efforts were however rewarded with a juvenile Sabine's Gull that flew up the estuary towards Wadebridge!
We decided to head back, continuing to search the estuary when we had news the GYL had been relocated! Within a few minutes we were watching this moulting adult beauty as it tried to find shelter from the wind. It was pretty inactive and at one point was seen slipping on the rocks and momentarily lost its balance. Worryingly, it was not seen feeding. On our return, we enjoyed cracking views of the Sabine's Gull again just metres away.

After some well needed food, we headed off to Davidstow Airfield for the now almost annual Buff-breasted Sandpiper and then ended in Plymouth with Russ's Spotted Sandpiper! A cracking day.

Other birds seen today included:

The Camel Estuary
12 Black-tailed Godwit
40+ Bar-tailed Godwit

4 Ruff
4 Greenshank

2 Peregrine

Davidstow Airfield
1 Curlew Sandpiper

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