Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Shetland - UNST

Friday 30th September - Saturday 8th October 2011
Now returned safe and sound to Devon after a challenging week on Unst. The weather was far from ideal, but it was good to be back on Unst all the same. Not as good on the self-finding front as last year's team tally of Dusky Warbler, Pallas's Warbler and Little Bunting, but that is the way it goes! We did however, see an impressive list of scarcities and vagrants, most of which were during our last couple of hours on South Mainland before getting the ship and all within about a square mile of each other!

The Week's Highlights were as follows:
Common Rosefinch - 4
Yellow-browed Warbler - 7+

Barred Warbler - 1
Long-eared Owl - 1

Black-headed Bunting - 1 (note the black feathering just below ear coverts and chestnut mantle streaking in photos below)

American Golden Plover - 2

Citrine Wagtail - 1

Isabelline (Daurian) Shrike - 1

Buff-Bellied Pipit - 1
Pallid Harrier - 1 (unusually dark bird lacking obvious collar due to Fulmar oiling - see video)

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