Thursday 22 December 2011

Balancing Recreation & Wildlife

Thursday 22nd December
Hats off to East Devon District Council today. After lots of constant grumbling to both Natural England and EDDC about the disturbance of birds using the Otter Estuary SSSI from various watersports activities and ignorant dog walkers, today we have some Polite Notices!

It is always a battle trying to educate good old "Jo Public" on such matters and at the end of the day, perhaps the more negative amongst us might say "what good is a polite notice going to do?" However, it is a move in the right direction and always better to try and work with people than alienate them from the start. The Otter's disturbance issues are just a small problem compared to the likes of the huge Exe Estuary, but the Otter is a SSSI with birds being one of the notified features regardless, and hopefully we shall see a slightly less disturbed estuary where wildfowl and waders can feed and roost undisturbed.

was good to speak with a couple of locals whilst we were putting up the signs, who were only too pleased to see the signs and were willing to try and educate others.
We shall see....

Thanks to Assistant Countryside Ranger, James Hunter for coming down to the Otter and putting the signs up.

Click on image to read sign

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