Sunday, 20 October 2013

Birding and Culture - PETRA Birding

With a day free from work, I thought it rude not to visit Petra, and I have to say, I was very glad I did! It was a fantastic place and quite a surprise to me, just how large an area it covered. Of course I had to sneak in some birding and it is a great site for doing just that too. Sinai Rosefinches were the stars of the show with a good supporting cast of other species such as Mourning Wheatear and Blackstart. The whole site was fantastic to explore, walking around the maze of deep gorges and steps and amazing architecture. The whole place had a real buzz about it and I would certainly recommend a visit. Though at the equivalent of £50 for a day, it is not a cheap destination, but is a "must see" all the same.


Rough-tailed Rock Agama

The main route to Petra

Male Sinai Rosefinch

Female Sinai Rosefinch

Some tourist at the famous Monastery!

The Monastery

Busy Petra!


Mourning Wheatear

Male Sinai Rosefinch

The Treasury

White Spectacled Bulbul

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