Sunday 10 November 2013

The Old Days!

Came across some old photos the other day. A few young faces from yester-year!
Anyone you recognise? Name the year?


  1. Looks like they're all fresh from their paper rounds! Is that Portland Bill?


  2. Brings back very happy memories of a time before crow's feet, grey hair, back trouble and Little Egrets everywhere.

  3. Not forgetting dodgy old "barnets" too

  4. Yes - a few 'mullets' in the making - they look like a boy-band copy of a young Duran-Duran!

    PB - many 'appy memories, saw my first Hoopoe coming in off the sea on a misty May morning - got me hooked on migration ever since, roll on Eilat next Spring and possibly Batumi in the autumn.

    Spent 10 days at PB and then walked the coast back to Arne or somewhere like that only to be told of a bird i'd never heard of had just been trapped...........cue Savannah Sparrow! A fraught train ride back and for a few years the only species i had got on Ron Johns!

    Halcyon daze -

    Laurie -

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  6. The Riff Raff September 1986. I think we had wryneck and ortolan that day.

  7. The Riff-Raff - Happy days indeed Mr Beach!
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. 9th September 1986 to be precise and Don't leave me this way by The Communards was No.1