Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Tuesday 31st December 2013
Spent a very enjoyable few hours at Brixham Harbour today and succeeded in seeing the main reason for visiting, which was the fine White-billed Diver found by local birder Bill McDonald on Christmas Day. It remained fairly distant for photos, but the views were great in a scope and in good light. Click here for a great sketch and photo when it was in the Inner Harbour earlier in the morning.
The supporting cast was pretty impressive too as the WB Diver was in the company of at least 3 Black-throated Divers and  7+ Great Northern Divers. Also in and around the harbour were:
1 Black Guillemot
1 Razorbill
1 Guillemot
1 Red-necked Grebe
1 1st year Iceland Gull

Pretty impressive all from the one spot!


  1. Love the Iceland, it's better than that boring Brunnich's !!

  2. Cheers Gary - shame I did't have a bit of your Ivory Magic!!