Sunday, 25 May 2014


Finland has plenty of other wildlife other than just the owls. Other specialities include species like the Siberian Tit and Siberian Jay and of course breeding plumaged Red-flanked Bluetail. Capercaillie and Black Grouse are common "roadside birds" and breeding waders are everywhere with leking Ruff and displaying Wood Sandpipers. Hundreds of breeding plumaged Little Gulls and summer plumaged Red-necked Grebes, things you rarely see in the UK. A great country full of birds and very few people. Many thanks to our top Finnature guides, Antero and Petri.

Siberian Tit

Arctic or Mountain Hare

Muskrat aka toilet brush

Willow Grouse

Female Capercaillie

Male Black Grouse

Little Gull a true highlight of the tour with 100s of birds


Red-flanked Bluetail

Female Three-toed Woodpecker

Male Pallid Harrier - a small breeding population has recently established

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