Sunday 6 July 2014

Ovipositing, Peregrines and Great White!

Today started with an early morning phone call from fellow birder and friend Matt Knott. Now when my mobile rings early in the morning and I see it is Matt, it means only one thing - a rarity!
With yesterday's amazing news of a Black-browed Albatross past Portland Bill, I must admit, I was slightly nervous about what Matt was going to tell me! However, it wasn't the albatross, but a good bird nontheless - Matt had literally just had a Great White Egret fly over his head at nearby Exmouth and head my way! Now, Great White Egret is a bird I have always hoped to find on the patch, but I couldn't resist heading straight out to see if I good "luck in" on Matt's bird - despite a quick dash out of the house and to the seafront and Otter, I sadly had no joy. A well deserved find for Matt for his early starts! Matt - if you are reading this - don't ever worry about ringing too early- I am always keen to hear about rare birds whatever time - no problem and thanks for the call.

Other highlights this weekend were a couple of juvenile Peregines that have recently fledged and an Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing in our garden pond! 
Ovipositing Emperor Dragonfly in our garden pond

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