Monday 19 January 2015

Distant Dozing Ducks at Dozmary Pool, Cornwall

Some more bird survey work in Cornwall today allowed a bit of free time before the start of the survey, so I headed to nearby Dozmary Pool which in recent years has hosted a drake Lesser Scaup. I did a little bit of research to try and find just how many consecutive winters Dozmary Pool (on Bodmin Moor) has hosted this Nearctic duck. It seems a drake bird has been present every winter since at least 2008, though it would seem a 1st winter drake was present in the winter of 2012, so difficult to confirm  exactly how long a bird has actually been returning?

Sleeping adult drake Lesser Scaup with Tufted Duck

Drake Lesser Scaup ready to flap!

Revealing one of the key features: a sharp definition between the bright white secondary bar and the grey primaries

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