Sunday 8 February 2015

Bulgarian and Romania Goose Recce

I have recently returned from a short break to Bulgaria in search of the spectacle of thousands of wintering Red-breasted and European White-fronted Geese. We spent two nights in the vicinity of Duranulak Lake Ramsar Site in NE Bulgaria. Then due to the mild weather and lower than usual numbers of geese we ventured further north into Romania near Tulcea. Despite the low numbers of geese we still enjoyed a fantastic Eastern European spectacle as three species (Greylag, White-fronted and Red-breasted) arrived at a Steppe Lake in small flocks at sunrise. The noisy Caspian Gull colony, an adult Great Black-headed Gull and Dalmatian Pelicans were also a constant distraction.

All in all, a great short break with 100 species recorded in total including Sombre Tit, Syrian, Grey-headed and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers, 25+ Long-eared Owls, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Long-legged and Rough-legged Buzzards and many Hen Harriers.

I shall be organising a similar short break in Feb 2016 through Wise Birding Holidays - Details on website soon.

European White-fronted Geese, Romania
Red-breasted Geese and European White-fronted Geese, Romania

Greylag, RB and WF Geese, Romania

Red-breasted and European White-fronted Geese, Romania
Sunrise at the Steppe Lake, Romania

soemmerringii race Jackdaw, Romania  
White-tailed Eagle and Wind Farm, Romania

Bit of culture! Russian Church in Romanian Village

Wetland Reserve near Varna, Bulgaria

Sombre Tit, Bulgaria

Male Syrian Woodpecker, Bulgaria

Longe-eared Owl, Bulgaria

Caspian Gull, Romania

Caspian Gull Colony, Romania
Dalmatian Pelican, Romania

Great Black-headed (Pallas's) Gull, Romania

Pygmy Cormorants, Bulgaria

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