Monday 2 November 2015

Wise Birding Northern Pantanal Tour October 2015

Haven't had time to post any photos from the recent Wise Birding Holidays to the Northern Pantanal as there has been too much birding excitement on the local patch! So finally, here are a few of the highlights below. It was a great trip with superb birding but the mammals often eclipsed the birds. We saw an incredible 26 species of mammals and over 300 birds. Always a real privilege to be able to return to this wonderful area as it is always an amazing place with first class wildlife. I shall be returning in July 2016 with a strong focus on Jaguars and birding. For anyone who may want to join me, please contact me through the website
Male Jaguar

Giant Anteater

Male Jaguar

Male Ocelot

Maned Wolf


Brazilian Tapir

Hyacinth Macaws

Large-billed Tern

Toco Toucan

Yellow-billed Tern

Band-tailed Manakin

Blue-crowned Trogon

Immature Boat-billed Heron


Red-legged Seriema

Male Sungrebe

Birding the River Claro

Sunset over the River Cuiaba

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