Saturday 12 March 2016

Otters on the River Otter

A great 24 hours on the River Otter gave rise to our first Beaver sighting of the year yesterday evening. Great to see this animal back again, pink tagged Patricia! She appears to have lost an ear tag, but looking good! I last saw her in April 2015 and this is now the third year running she has returned, assuming it is the same individual from 2014 (the animals were only tagged in 2015).  Hopefully the start of many more sightings. It is a true privilege to have these great animals on my local patch.

This morning I headed out early to see if she was still hanging around, but I was soon distracted by a wonderful party of four Otters that I followed for a good 45 minutes. The Mrs even managed to twitch them! They were really inquisitive and very unconcerned about our presence. A great morning!

One of the first views in the gloom - very inquistive!

"White Lip" waving for the camera

"Spot Lip" just finishing some fish breakfast

"Spot Lip" again

"White Lip"

"White Lip" again


  1. Cool! Hopefully they will become a regular enough sighting to prompt a twitch from me.

  2. Hi Andrew - they were seen again this morning, but not by me so will keep you posted!

  3. Cheers Lee - Look forward to the Iceland shots.

  4. Might have a look late this week so where should I be looking?

    If I don't see them, I should do well for flies if the sun shines anyway.

  5. Hi Andrew - if you send me an email, I can text you or email the best spot.

  6. Great to have them back,great shots.
    John and Sue.