Friday 2 December 2016

Velvet Scoter

A sizeable flock of Common Scoter have been feeding off Chiselbury Bay (South of Ladram Bay) in recent days with counts of 200+ which is an excellent count for here. I have checked the flock a few times, hoping for something interesting but it was Doug C who let me know about 2 Velvet Scoters in the flock a few days ago. Frustratingly, I had already checked the flock on that particular day, but Doug informed me that there are actually two Scoter flocks! One out from the STW and the other nearer to Brandy Head which is often not visible without getting onto higher land. Anyway, yesterday I picked up one bird below Brandy Head and the same bird was present today, but closer to Chiselbury Bay. It would appear to maybe be a juvenile due to the contrasting pale belly (see video) and prominent face markings. A great bird for the patch and the first I have seen on the patch. Also present in recent days: 1 RT Diver and 6+ Guillemot.

If you do visit the site, please take great care at the cliff edge as there have been a number of landslides in recent days!


  1. Nice. Well worth keeping an eye on those Scoter flocks. Steve W found 2 Surfers in a flock that wintered off Weston in 2005. Now that was a hairy clifftop!

  2. Cheers Gavin - Surf Scoter must be on the cards! Positive Mental Attitude.....