Monday, 24 July 2017

SHETLAND: Fetlar Weeks 3 & 4

Another great couple of weeks on Fetlar with too many highlights to mention. Female Phalaropes are disappearing by the day and those that are still hanging on are in heavy moult. Great to see a reasonable number of chicks and fully fledged juveniles around too. Highlight of the last few days has without doubt been seeing Orcas just metres off-shore whilst taking a stroll with the Mrs on the west side of Fetlar - simply magic!

This bull Orca was one of the highlights of my penultimate week here - Simply magic!

Atlantic Grey Seal - Orca food!

Greylag Geese - many juveniles around at present

Lapwing - Great to see so many of these breeding up here, they are fabulous looking waders

Golden Plover - a magical sound around the moorland

Edmondston's Chickweed - Endemic to the island of Unst at the Keen of Hamar NR

Juvenile Red-necked Phalarope - Fresh juvenile plumage is quite stunning

Great Skua - You are never far away from one of these bruisers

Twite - feeding flocks are now quite common

KIller Whales or Orcas - Ridiculous views from shore seen from the west side of Fetlar at Lamb Hoga

Orca family - a group of at least 5 animals appeared right beside us for the classic wow factor experience!

More Orca action

Orca - one of two large bulls