Sunday 12 November 2017

Bryher October 2017

Lately, I have been too busy working and dealing with Sparrows(!) so haven't had time to post anything from my recent visit to Scilly. 

From 27th October, the Mrs and I spent 5 nights on one of my favourite islands, Bryher on the Isles of Scilly. I first visited Scilly in 1989 and have visited almost annually since. Regardless of birds, the islands are simply stunning and I really love visiting them and from a birding perspective, Bryher is a really workable island.

Nothing outrageous from our visit but finding a Vagrant Emperor was exciting, though sadly I found it dead the following day. A Richard's Pipit over Popplestones on the 28th was nice, daily Merlins, a Woodcock on the 31st, Yellow-browed Warblers (more on a future post) and the regular movement of thrushes and Brambling. I have no doubt we will return again next year! If you have never been, hopefully the following pics give you a feel for the place. It is certainly a place that is close to my birding heart. 

The view from our place on Bryher looking across to Tresco

This Juvenile Surf Scoter was the first bird we saw when arriving on Bryher - We even saw it from the flat!

Surf Scoter

Vagrant Emperor - A surprise find in the garden of where we were staying on Bryher.
It is an erratic migrant species to the UK from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. I often seen them in Morocco.

Fieldfare movements were obvious most mornings

Redwings were less in number than Fieldfare 

Brambling - During the last couple of days Brambling were regularly flying over and calling

Common Chiffchaff

Presumed Siberian Chiffchaff though not heard to call

The view across Popplestones looking towards the Great Pool and Gweal Hill.
Gweal Hill is the only place I have seen Yellow-breasted Bunting, in Sep 2003

It would have been rude not to have met up with good friend John Higginson.
Higgo has found many great birds on Scilly and Bryher is his regular patch

Adult Mediterranean Gull seen from the flat

Female/Juv Merlin - A few birds were seen on most days

Shaggy Parasol ?

Three of the four Whooper Swans that were seen daily on the Great Pool, Bryher

The view looking towards the Fraggle Rock Pub and Cromwell's Castle on Tresco

The Mrs as we travelled to Tresco for the day

Castle Down, Tresco

A novel use of the old style phonebox on Bryher

Yellow-browed Warbler, Bryher

Firecrest in the Maize

Green Bay, Bryher

Jerry - One of the local pigs

Golden Plover, Green Bay

Bishop Rock Lighthouse at dusk

View from Samson Hill, Bryher

Song Thrush - I always think Scilly is synonymous with this sadly declining species. Great to see so many and often so tame!
The view looking towards our accommodation

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