Sunday 21 January 2018

Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar

Helen and I have recently returned from another short break to Spain and the Sierra de Andujar region looking for Iberian Lynx. We were very fortunate to see a minimum of five different animals during our stay as well as the usual selection of quality birds.

In 2002, only two populations of Iberian Lynx existed - one in Andújar–Cardeña, in Eastern Sierra Morena, and one in Doñana, Southern Spain) totalling fewer than 100 individuals (Guzmán et al., 2004). The latest figures for the population of Iberian Lynx today is more than 500 individuals and the population has expanded in range too. Thanks mostly to the good work of a LIFE Project IberLince and a number of re-introductions.
Sadly, many animals still get killed on roads as they expand in distribution and funding for this particular project has now come to an end, so the species still isn't safe yet.......

Iberian Lynx distribution in 1960

Iberian Lynx distribution in 2016

Iberian Lynx habitat in the Sierra de Andujar

Red Deer, Sierra de Andujar

Rock Buntings, Sierra de Andujar

Female Sardinian Warbler, Sierra de Andujar

Cinereous Vulture, Sierra de Andujar

Spanish Imperial Eagles, Sierra de Andujar

Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andujar

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