Monday 19 March 2018

Spotted Redshank

Another good day for local birding around the Otter today. 
It was good to see that most of the Golden Plover had roosted overnight and headed off north throughout the morning seemingly fit and well. Bird of the day was a Spotted Redshank and only the 3rd I've seen on the Otter, the previous birds in Sep 2011 and Nov 2012. Today's bird was also present yesterday but I only saw it very distantly and briefly to be certain of the id. Of note for the Otter were a Knot (Thanks Peter) and the 5 Pintail still.
Other birds included:
Wigeon 180+
Teal 50+
Shoveler 1 male
Lapwing 4
Golden Plover only 25 by the evening
Dunlin 27

Spotted Redshank, Otter Scrapes

Spotted Redshank, Otter Scrapes

Golden Plover, Cricket Pitch

Knot, Otter Estuary
Male Reed Bunting, Otter Estuary

Dunlin, Otter Estuary

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