Tuesday 31 December 2019

Highlights of 2019

As tradition holds, with 2020 almost upon us I thought I should add just a few of my personal highlights for 2019. Happy New Year to you all!

JANUARY 2019: Family Celebrations

GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Celebrating my Mum's 80th Birthday with my Dad and the rest of the family!
GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Birthday celebrations for my Mum!

FEBRUARY 2019: Geese, Cats and Grosbeaks

CALIFORNIA: Witnessing the amazing spectacle of Snow Geese and Ross's Geese in the Sacramento Valley
MINNESOTA: The fourth consecutive year and another special encounter with Canada Lynx

MINNESOTA: Evening Grosbeaks in the snow!

MARCH 2019: 10 years in Budders and more Cats in the sand!

BUDLEIGH SALTERTON: Celebrating 10 years living in Budders! 
BUDLEIGH SALTERTON: Celebrating 10 years birding on the patch, the Otter Estuary!

WESTERN SAHARA: Having my best Sand Cat encounter since my first visit to this area in 2017

WESTERN SAHARA: The beautiful landscape

APRIL 2019: Nepal

NEPAL: Seeing my first Tiger!

MAY 2019: Local Patching

BUDLEIGH SALTERTON: Fantastic to have Spotted Flycatchers breeding on the patch!

JULY 2019: Uganda the true Pearl of Africa

UGANDA: Sharing the first views of the mighty Shoebill with Helen

UGANDA: The mighty Shoebill
UGANDA: Bromance at the Royal Mile!

UGANDA: Seeing Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

UGANDA: A Silverback!

AUGUST 2019: A return to beautiful Mongolia

MONGOLIA: Land of the Snow Leopard

MONGOLIA: Finally getting to see a Snow Leopard!

MONGOLIA: The spectacle of literally thousands of Pallas's Sandgrouse

SEPTEMBER 2019: A significant Birthday!

BUDLEIGH SALTERTON: Celebrating the Mrs significant Birthday!

BUDLEIGH SALTERTON: This juvenile Little Stint was a great patch bird  found one afternoon on the beach

OCTOBER 2019: The beloved Isles of Scilly

ISLES OF SCILLY: Spending a week on St Martin's

ISLES OF SCILLY: Finding Britain's 30th record of Rose-Breasted Grosbeak!

ISLES OF SCILLY: Finding /Re-finding? a Buff-bellied Pipit on St Martin's. 
A bird was seen on the afternoon of the 9th and not again until I found this bird on the 14th

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