Tuesday 12 May 2020

Nocmig 5 weeks on

The Nocmig set-up ready for another evening in the garden!
It is now approximately five weeks since I started recording the nocturnal flight calls of birds over our garden. Therefore I thought I would summarise the results to date. 

Species positively identified = 20 
The list below shows the number of nights each species has been recorded over a minimum of 25 nights between the 9th April - 12th May 2020. Sometimes more than one bird was recorded during the night.

Tawny Owl - 16 (only species not actually flying over)
Moorhen - 13
Whimbrel - 9
Canada Goose - 7
Dunlin - 5
Mallard - 3
Oystercatcher - 3
Nightjar - 2
Little Grebe - 2
Coot - 2
Stone Curlew - 1
Arctic Tern - 1
Common Tern - 1
Sandwich Tern - 1
Spotted Flycatcher - 1 night up to 3 birds
Little Ringed Plover - 1
Ringed Plover - 1
Teal - 1
Black-headed Gull - 1
Grey Heron - 1

I find it quite fascinating and incredible that in a relatively short period of time, I have managed to record such a diversity of species! I am certainly hooked and although migration is now slowing down, you just never know what might fly over next - Still time for a Quail!

Other exciting news from the garden was witnessing the now regular movement of young wandering Red Kites as they venture west along the coast. On Saturday the 9th May we enjoyed a total of 9 birds (garden record) including a single group of 7 birds! 
One of the 9 Red Kites over the garden on the 9th May

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