Monday 13 July 2020

Local Catch Up May & June

May and June seem to have passed quickly this year and there are so many things that I really should have blogged about and I haven't! Therefore, rather than leave many of my photos sitting on a hard drive, I thought I would finally post some photos that tell the story of my wildlife highlights from May and June on the patch and elsewhere in Devon.
Female Green Woodpecker on the roof our house in early June

Great Black-backed Gulls, Liverton Indsutrial Estate.
Two pairs successfully produced young again at this inland site

Barn Swallow family on the River Otter

Barn Swallow family on the River Otter

Mute Swan family on the River Otter.
This year there were two family groups, one with 5 cygnets and the other with two cygnets.
Sadly, this later became 4 cygnets and 1 cygnet up until mid July.

One of the cygnets on the River Otter.

The Beavers on the River Otter have been quite obliging including the pink-tagged female, Patricia!

This is the male, Gordon!

A family of Goosander have been present since May on the River Otter near Tipton St John

Some of the Goosander offspring.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly is a very striking species and always great to see.
This one was photographed in fields near East Budleigh

A newly emerged male Southern Hawker from our garden pond

A male Large Skipper in our garden 

A pair of Grey Wagtails have successfully fledged young on the River Otter again this year.

House Martins and a Sand Martin on the River Otter.
It seems to be a good year for House Martins with very good numbers compared to recent years.

Hobby hawking Mayflies on the River Otter

Hobby hawking Mayflies on the River Otter

Hobby hawking Mayflies on the River Otter

Reed Warbler, River Otter. Excellent numbers of Reed Warblers on the patch with singing birds every few metres!

Spotted Flycatcher, River Otter.
After a pair bred successfully last year, we were really pleased to find this bird return to the same site.
It arrived back 12th June (late) but sadly seems to be a lone bird with no evidence of breeding.

Spotted Flycatcher, River Otter

Presumed Continental Stonechat on Dalditch Plantation Common. Almost "Pied Flycatcher" like in appearance!
Continental birds around the East Devon Commons seem to be very common with numerous birds showing large white rumps and wing panels as well as restricted orange to the breast.

Male Stonechat, Dalditch Plantation Common

Male and female Stonechat, Dalditch Plantation Common

One of the many Dartmoor Mires.
Perfect breeding habitat for the most southerly breeding population of Dunlin in the world.

Adult Dunlin, Dartmoor. Helen and I visited a few sites during June.

Juvenile Starlings, River Otter. Another species that seems to have had a really good breeding year.
Far more birds around Budleigh Salterton compared to recent years.


  1. Beautiful photos here! The cygnets are especially adorable, and it’s beautiful to see the circle of life in action once again.