Thursday 2 May 2024

Green-winged Teal

Chuffed to find this Green-winged Teal today on the patch this afternoon! It was sleeping when I first found it and it spent most of its time on one of the islands that the Shelduck like to rest on. It seems to be the 3rd record for the Otter Estuary - Thanks to Mark Bailey for the Stats!

First Record: Dec 1970

Second Record:  Dec 1999

Third Record: May 2024

Obviously, I was very wary of the hybrid potential with ducks! However, it appears to show all the classic id features.

1 - Strong vertical white flank stripe

2 - Very little pale surround to the green face mask

3 - Lack of strong white horizontal stripe below scapulars. There is a hint of paler grey but nothing that seems too alarming.

Additional features that can help and seem to be present include a richer pinker breast colour. smoother grey and less coarsely pattern flanks and possibly a narrower, parallel-sided upper border to speculum, which is mostly orange-coloured (broader, mostly white and more wedge-shaped in Eurasian Teal).

Useful References:

My first view of the Green-winged Teal
Heads up! A square-headed look

Green-winged Teal, Otter Estuary NR

Green-winged Teal, Otter Estuary NR

Underwing of GW Teal

Upperwing showing extensive thin orange above speculum?

Rich coloured breast
Very slight paler horizontal grey line below scapulars

Eurasian Teal on the Otter Estuary, March 2024

A CR Shelduck from the Axe Estuary also on the island

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