Saturday, 20 March 2010

Good Weather for Ducks!

Saturday 20th March
The flooded fields just north of White Bridge just look excellent at present and they have been crying out for a Garganey and sure enough, yesterday a fine drake was a good find by Clive whilst I was working out of the county. Despite a quick search in the last glimmers of light yesterday evening, I had no joy, but it was good to still see the Bittern remaining faithful to the area.
So, today I decided to head out to the patch early, despite the rain and failed to relocate the bird. Not long after being in the door, I received a phone call to say that Ray was watching a drake Garganey and 2 females showing at the same patch of habitat that I had been staring at all morning! I shot back out and managed a good view (thanks to Ray) of a fine drake and a single female before they slipped back into the vegetation. Other birds of note today included, Snipe, Sparrowhawk, Shoveler (female), 3 Coot, a few singing Chiffchaff, Nuthatch, Kingfisher and a cunning Fox running across the fields.
No sign of the Bittern or Garganey this evening after a short walk with the Mrs, but the flooded fields look great.

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  1. This field looks good for a Temminck's Stint or rare wagtail in the spring, if it doesn't dry up!