Sunday 30 October 2011

3 Patch Ticks!

Sunday 30th October
A great day today on the patch. It started with Doug and I bumping into a Greenland White-fronted Goose. It was good to take in this bird, as I just do not see enough White-fronted Geese and although Greenland WF (flavirostris} and European WF (albifrons) are fairly straight forward it is perhaps not always as obvious on lone birds! However, based on a long bill with definite orange tones with a very pale pink tip, narrow white blaze at side of bill and a "bumpy" edges, overall darkness in plumage tones and a narrow white tail band it fits Greenland WF. However, it was interesting how the bill could still look quite pinkish at times.

The a
fternoon got better thanks to a very timely text message from county recorder Steve Waite! "Osprey at Seaton and heading my way!" Approximately 25 minutes later and I picked up the bird being mobbed by numerous gulls as it headed directly overhead continuing west. A late bird.......
The grand finale took the form of a cracking Quail seen in flight in nearby fields found earlier in the day by Brian H. Result!

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