Saturday 10 March 2012

Shelduck & Banana Cake

Saturday 10th March
Not a great deal of excitement on the patch today - I am not a great fan of early March, as it is neither Spring nor Winter and the birds are frustrating. A good time for gulls of course, but still no sign of any white-wingers despite searching today! However, it was pleasing to see an old friend back on the patch as "HV", a male yellow colour-ringed Shelduck last seen in April 2011 was present on the estuary with 8 other unringed birds. Shelduck really are cracking birds!

The other highlight of the day was this little beauty, a Banana Loaf!
For once baked by my own fair hand, rather than by the Mrs - It tastes pretty good too
, even if I do say so myself...........

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