Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fantastic Iberian Lynx Encounters

Just returned from leading a group of like-minded, "cat-obsessed" individuals to the Sierra de Andujar. Undoubtedly, one of the best trips I have had in this area with an uforgettable 24 hour period where we had 4 different animals, including an adult and youngster (located by a calling animal) and a real beauty that stepped out right in front of our vehicle. Below are some images of this beautiful area - I have no doubt I shall be back soon, to enjoy more of this addicive cat. Hopefully in May!
Donation on its way HERE

08.25hrs taken through the windscreen of the car!

Adult and youngster

One of the many Azure-winged Magpies

Griffon Vulture

Black Vulture

One of the radio-collared males "Kaiser"

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  1. Another great trip by the looks of it. I might be tempted to come along again next time.