Tuesday 5 November 2013

Great Grey Shrike

Tuesday 5th November
A late afternoon visit to the local heaths today was certainly worthwhile. I was actually looking for owls and raptors that might be roosting, but stumbled into a Great Grey Shrike instead! I didn't actually find the bird until 4.30pm, so the light wasn't great for photos, but you get the idea.
Also had a Merlin so not a bad visit.......

Greay Grey Shrike - Colaton Raleigh Common


  1. The sort of bird anybody should be able to get on a suitable local patch - nice one!

    Laurie -

  2. Cheers Laurie - it was a most welcome find!

  3. Superb !

    I've got a 'suitable local patch' and I've only ever found one before !