Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sierra de Andujar, Iberian Lynx and Eagles Tour Jan 2015

I have just returned from another great Wise Birding tour to Southern Spain in search of the Iberian Lynx. I really love this area of Spain and despite being in the enviable position of having seen Iberian Lynx on many occasions over the last few years, the cats always leave me wanting to return for more!

The weather was fantastic for our four day stay and so were the sightings. We had an incredible 9 separate sightings of at least 3 different animals and some very close encounters. In addition to the obvious stars of the show, other highlights included Spanish Imperial Eagles, Golden Eagle, Black and Griffon Vultures, Azure-winged Magpies, Crested Tit, Rock Bunting, Iberian Grey Shrike, Spanish Ibex and more!

Following the successful completion of the tour, Wise Birding Holidays donated 200 Euros to the ongoing work on a nearby estate. This involves managing Lynx habitat and creating artificial rabbit warrens to boost the recent crash in the rabbit population, on which the Iberian Lynx is so dependent.

This is definitely the time to see Iberian Lynx as it is the mating season and animals are calling a lot which makes locating them easier. Due to the great viewing at present, I may run another trip in Feb/March - so please contact me if interested.

Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andujar

Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andujar - different animal to above

Iberian Lynx on the prowl
Iberian Lynx habitat

Crested Tit

Spanish Ibex, Sierra de Andujar

Sunset over Sanctuario Virgen de la Cabeza
Iberian Lynx by tour participant, Andy Stanbury
Spanish Imperial Eagle, Sierra de Anduj
Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andujar
Iberian Lynx by tour participant, Andy Stanbury

Spanish Imperial Eagle, Sierra de Andujar

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