Tuesday 24 February 2015

Horse Whisperer - Aylesbeare RSPB

Helen and I had a very enjoyable weekend with our good friends, the Butcher family last weekend. On Saturday, we visited the Aylesbeare RSPB Reserve where Nigel was keen to check on one of his GPS collars that has been fitted to one of a small group of ponies that graze on the reserve. 

Despite having the exact GPS co-ordinates at our finger tips just minutes before leaving the house, it became quite a mission for "Team Butcher" to actually locate the animal as we all battled across boggy ground to finally locate the pony. Luckily, we had Nigel the horse whisperer on hand and we soon caught our first proper look at the very healthy looking pony that has been named Richard, after the Assistant Reserve Warden.  

Richard's GPS collar is collecting useful data that can be used to work out grazing management for the future of the reserve. 

Nigel Buther - Horse Whisperer with Richard the Pony

Richard's GPS collar

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