Thursday 4 June 2015

AZORES: Introduction to Natural History Tour

Currently out in the Azores again guiding with Peter Alfrey for Azores Nature and the first Introduction to the Natural History of the Azores Tour.

Day 1  - Vulcanology Day on Sao Miguel

Day 2 - Travel from Sao Miguel to Graciosa via Terceira looking for waders in Cabo da Praia Quarry
Days 3/4 - Marine Life off Graciosa

Here are some of the highlights so far:

The King's view at Setes Cidades, Sao Miguel
Exploring lava caves on Sao Miguel

Vulcanic Stalagtites, Sao Miguel

Azores Chaffinch, Sao Miguel

Red-veined Darter - Paul da Praia, Terceira

Kentish Plover - good numbers have been breeding on Terceira in Cabo do Praia Quarry for a number of years

Barolo's (Little) Shearwater off Graciosa - This bird was in heavy wing moult and reluctant to fly

Barolo's (Little) Shearwater off Graciosa- showing heavy wing moult

Monteiro's Storm Petrel off Graciosa- At this time of year birds show very fresh plumage ready for the "hot" breeding season ahead

Portugese Man of War off Graciosa - one of many seen during the trip

Common Tern off Graciosa - good breeding numbers around Praia Islet in association with Roseate Tern

Monteiro's Storm Petrel off Graciosa

Striped Dolphins off Graciosa - one of three species of dolphin seen during the trip

Fin Whale off Gracosa - one of two animals that pass through the Azores at this time of year as they head north to their feeding grounds
Cory's Shearwaters off Graciosa

Praia Islet off Graciosa - the breeding site of the endemic Monteiro's Storm Petrel

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