Monday, 28 August 2017

More Yellow Wagtails and other Migrants

Despite the continued high pressure and almost no wind, the patch seemed quite birdy today. A walk around the West Cliffs in the morning and an evening walk around the East Cliffs produced the following migrant highlights.

Yellow Wagtail - 15+ East Cliffs
Tree Pipit  - 1 West Cliffs
Reed Warbler - 1 West Cliffs
Wheatear - 1 West Cliffs and 5 East Cliffs
Garden Warbler - 2 Golf Course

The number of Yellow Wagtails in Devon in recent days seems exceptional with a number of counts of in excess of 100 birds. See Steve's Blog HERE. Many of these birds are grounded as feeding flocks which seems unusual in high pressure and light winds when you would perhaps expect most to be flyovers. Long may it continue!
Green Woodpecker - Juvenile

Yellow Wagtail - one of at least 15+ birds feeding on the east cliffs

Wheatear - 2 of a group of 5 birds on the east cliffs

Swallow - 2 juveniles on the east cliffs

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