Wednesday 15 April 2020

More Nocmig

As we are all very much tied to our homes more and more with the current Covid-19 pandemic, I have become somewhat obsessed with recording nocturnal migration (Nocmig) over my garden. I find it fascinating and very educational too, as so many birds give some very different calls at night. 

I only started less than a week ago and have already added some species that I have never recorded anywhere near the house in daylight during 10 years of living here! These include 3 species of Tern, Barn Owl and Moorhen, the latter being surprisingly regular over the house at night. Though this is often the case for most Nocmiggers around the country. You can here some of the recordings below:

The mixed tern flock is particularly interesting as I first thought the recording was of a somewhat distant group of Dunlin. However, when you listen more intently, you can just make out they are tern calls and thanks to Nocmig Guru Nick Hopper, he identified them to Common and Arctic Tern. "the higher pitch call Arctic Tern (along with an accompanying kip call at 2.5 seconds) and the lower pitch Common Tern"

I cannot wait to see what passes over next......

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