Sunday 7 February 2010

More photos from Spain and a Garden Tick!

Today, the Mrs still seemed to be obsessed with scanning after our Spanish experience. As a result, she became fixated on the garden and pulled out a garden tick whilst I was in the shower! At least 3 Lesser Redpolls on the Thistle Seed feeders and drinking from the pond - Garden List now 48. Luckily, I managed to see them too!

A few more low res stills from the video and other photos from our trip...
Other highlights from the trip included:
Spanish Imperial Eagle
Golden Eagle
Black Vulture
Azure-winged Magpie
Iberian Grey Shrike (old name Southern Grey)
Wild Boar
Fallow Deer
Red Deer
Southern Tree Frog
Natterjack Toad

Horseshoe Whip Snake

Iberian Lynx habitat - 1st animal seen at 1 mile
range above obvious dirt track


The Bearded One!

The Spanish don't really do good
puddings, but these kept us
going between scanning for Lynx!

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