Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday 4th March
No posts for a while, as I have been away leading a 2nd successful trip to GHANA. An excellent country with plenty of exciting birding as you sweat profusely in the humid Upper Guinea Forests - I love it!
Highlights included,
Pel's Fishing Owl, Standard-winged Nightjar, Black and Rosy Bee-Eaters, White-crested Hornbill, a Pectoral Sandpiper in almost exactly the same place as I found one last February(!) (I'm sure plenty of yank waders must pass through here!) and of course the Yellow-headed Picathartes.

Some Photos from the tour....

Elephants at Mole NP

Orange Weaver

Shining Blue Kingfisher

White-crested Hornbill

The Atewa Forest - where gems like Long-tailed
Hawk, Blue-headed Bee-Eater and Congo Serpent
Eagle can be found.....

Red-throated Bee-Eater - Common in Mole NP,

but always a treat

Hairy-breated Barbet - an Upper Guinea Forest

Blue-throated Roller - The forest equivalent of the
commoner Broad-billed Roller

Black Bee-Eater - always a joy!

Record shot of Pec. Sand

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