Sunday 22 May 2011

Abruzzo NP, Italy - 14th - 19th May 2011Just returned from another great trip to the Abruzzo National Park, just 2 hours from Rome. It was another mammal quest looking for Bears and Wolves and we were successful on both counts. The month of May certainly seems to be the best time for viewing bears, despite the inevitable pain of relentless scanning! I guess it depends whether you want it "on a plate" at a baited bear hide or a bit more "natural" with Wolves as an added possibility. Abruzzo certainly does seem to be one of the few places where you stand a good chance of seeing Bears in the wild without the need to visit a hide. Sadly, this endemic population of the Marsican Bear is still suffering from illegal poisoning and a female bear was recently killed on the road prior to our arrival.
Trip Report contrasting both our trips (August 2010 and May 2011) to come. In the meantime, here are a few snaps plus some
video of Wolf and Bear.

The village of Opi

Abruzzo Orchid

Bear and Wolf Country

Apennine Wolf

Marsican Bear

Italian Breakfasts!

Cream Tea Birder!


  1. Particularly liking the Wolf action, is there Rock Partridge in Abruzzo?

  2. Hi Chaps, thanks for the comments!
    Darryl - Yep, there are but they are tricky as far as I am aware. Though there are sites elsewhere in the region that are not far from the centre of the Park. Notable birds in the park were Golden Eagle and Collared Flycatcher. I tried half-heartedly for White-backed Woodpecker (Lilford's) but not at the best time of day as Mammals were the priority. I have a site for RP, if you are thinking of going.