Saturday 28 May 2011

Lundy Island

Lundy Island 24th - 26th May 2011
Didn't we have a lovely time the week we went to Lundy?

Well, yep it was pretty good, despite the fact that it was blowing a hooley much of the time and the Oldenburg took its usual casualties on the journey over. Only one of our team joined them!

The long staying Trumpeter Finch did the decent thing and stayed long enough to grace us with its presence. Despite the less than calm weather, we tried to hear the Barolo's Shearwater on 2 nights but failed. The Manx Shearwaters were still in good voice though.

One particular member of our group seemed particularly sensitive to the wild elements of Lundy's wind and sun and he came down with that locally known ailment "Trumpet Head". As a result, this seemed to confuse local birders as to whether there were actually 2 Trumpeter Finches present on the island - See below.

Our two night stay ended similar to my experience with Darryl last year and we headed off the island in a nice shiny blue helicopter as the Oldenburg was cancelled due to the increasing wind!

Lundy Island

The Pink Poser aka Trumpeter Finch

Clear symptoms of Trumpet Head

Compare above and below:
Some birders believed there may have
been 2 TFs on the island. Also note
the similar diet of both

The shiny blue helicopter

Two very excited passengers!

South Light and Rat Island

After his flight, Lee explained to a fellow
passenger how when
he grows up, he
wants to be a helicopter pilot

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