Wednesday 11 April 2012

Life Begins......

Thursday 5th April - Tuesday 10th April
Too busy being in the field to blog - not that I have much to show for it - but thought I'd put up a few images of the last few days regardless.

Easter was spent with good friends Lee & Rachel, mostly eating cake, including a cracking homemade (by the Mrs of course) birthday cake for yours truly, but also spent some time on the patch with Lee
and discussed plenty of trips for the future. Business as usual really!
Also received a brilliant birthday present, but more on that on a later blog post!

The patch highlights were managing to get some more views of the Purple Heron, seeing two separate Little Ringed Plovers
on the scrape as well as a Grey Plover - so that's probably our lot until the autumn!
Also yesterday evening, between 18.25hrs and 18.40hrs I witnessed the Purple Heron fly out of one of its favoured ditches, call a few times and then slowly gain height circling. At first it seemed a little unsure about which direction to go as it was mobbed by the Herring Gulls. At one point it looked as if it was going to head towards the house and I considered running for the car to get it on the house list! However, it finally gained enough height for the gulls to lose interest and it headed east along the coast until a distant speck in my scope - active migration, just brilliant!

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  1. You old fart !!

    I turned 40 6 months ago, I still maintain that you are only as old as the woman you feel....