Tuesday 3 April 2012

Purple Patch!

Tuesday 3rd April
An early visit to the Otter this morning produced very little on the southern circuit South of White Bridge. However, a call from Doug later in the morning proved that I should obviously have birded the circuit North of White Bridge and I may have found a Purple Heron!

Needless to say, I shot straight back to the area and met the guy who found the bird, but he had
not seen it since his initial sighting at 08.30 and it was now almost 10am. After, initially trying to get over the pain of missing this patch mega, I took a wander and almost immediately a stonking adult Purple Heron flew up from a ditch in front of me a fair distance from the initial sighting. Luckily, it decked into a small reed ditch where it later showed pretty well to the now assembled small crowd.

A cracking bird and a great find, but oh, how I wish I'd taken the north track this morning!
Not complaining though - keeps you motivated for the next time!


  1. I'm bloody speechless. Really!

  2. What! You mean you couldnt taste it, you are losing your touch