Wednesday 25 July 2012

Sunshine, Relaxation and Cake

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July 2012
Well, it would seem that Summer has arrived, so what better to do than sit around in the sun eating cake and catch up with old friends Lee and Rachel. Ohh and throw in a few dragonflies & damselflies for good measure and the odd moth and that was pretty much that! Of course, I will no doubt receive my usual complaints if I do not show some evidence of cakes on this blog, so
to see what delights you missed out on; check out These Bad Boys Baked by the fair hand of the Raw Baker who is now taking orders, just email her.Get in there quick though coz they are bloody good!

I was very lazy on the dragonfly photographs as Lee took care of that in his usual efficient manner - Check HERE for nice pics of our tally which included:
Downy Emerald
Keeled Skimmer
Small Red Damselfly

So all in all this is a lazy blog post where I send you elsewhere to see the images. The only contribution that I can make, is this video!

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  1. I hope you are getting plenty of exercise to burn off those cakes