Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas = Cake

A few rather poorly photographed cake samples, but you get the gist! These still require eating, but I'm trying my best! The second cake, may just look like a big brown dollop, but it still requires me to add the ganache - Fear not it will look beautiful.
Not much birding done over last few days due to cake consumption, but my services as a bird guide are soon to be required by a relentless hard task master of a birder and fellow bird guide from Ecuador - Best I get up off the couch and find him the birds he expects! Luckily that cake will give me the energy required for the coming couple of hard days in the field! Watch this space.....

Cake 1 - Half consumed, very moist!

Cake 2 - Big Brown Dollop, soon to be transformed!

Cake 3 - Baked last night with a lovely shiny ganache!

Cake 4 - The Mrs' Christmas Cake, though guests yesterday seeemed to favour the Cream Tea Birder's Signature Chocolate Cake!