Friday 8 March 2013

Images of Morocco

Haven't had time to properly upload any Morocco photos from my February Trip, so thought I'd better at least post a few before my next Tour!
Roll on March's Tour.....

Northern Bald Ibis

"African" Crimson-winged Finch

Desert Lark

Bar-tailed Lark

"Atlas" Horned Lark

Hoopoe Lark

Tristram's Warbler

Fat Sand Rat

Atlas Crossbill

House Bunting

Dades River

Small Spotted Lizard

The Mrs doing Larid at Oued Massa!

Moussier's Redstart

North African Raven

Tea Sir!

Temminck's Lark

Moroccan Magpie

Yellow-billed Chough


  1. Superb collection of outstanding birds,love Morocco,brillant birds.

  2. Thanks very much John - As you obviously know, it is a beautiful place and I look forward to returning!

  3. Love the photo of the pouring tea, cold do with a cup of that right now, Great post, hope all is well.

    WW 2013.

  4. Thanks Simon. All is well. Enjoying your blog too! Keep up the good work out there. More Morocco to come soon!