Tuesday 26 March 2013

Back on the Patch

Tuesday 26th March 2013
Having spent the last 2 weeks leading a  
Wise Birding Holidays Tour to Morocco (More on that HERE) returning to the UK's very cold weather has been quite a shock to the system! However, nothing compared to the poor migrants that have been flooding in to a freezing UK, many of which I only just left in Morocco!
Today, on the patch I watched 3 very miserable Sand Martins that kept landing on the main path by White Bridge. They seemed fairly healthy, but seemed to allow closer than normal approach - I just hope they are finding some insects!

On a cheerier note, a Black Redstart seems to have taken up residence in the garden (first spotted by the Mrs whilst I was in Morocco and only the 2nd in the garden) and will hopefully find the meal worms that I bought today.

More on Morocco Tomorrow.......