Monday 6 May 2013

GNDs and 2 Puffin

A beautiful evening tonight with the sea like a mill pond and superb light. Had a look on the sea off Otterton Sewage Works and was somewhat surprised to find at least 30 Divers sat in small groups. Many were distant but the sea conditions and superb light enabled at least 20 birds to be identified as Great Northern Divers, some in summer plumage and reasonably close.These were presumably passage birds gathering on the sea. Also tonight 2 Puffins on the sea and my first on the patch! Great to see them as they swam with a lone Razorbill and then began fishing. Also today, a single Harbour Porpoise and Cormorants flying past at eye level collecting nesting material earlier in the day!

Cormorant: nest material is added throughout the breeding period, supplied mostly by the male