Sunday 12 May 2013

Not quite a White's Thrush!

This Spring has been pretty dire for local birding, so I turned to mammals and set up my trail camera last night. Good to see the badgers are still around, though not quite as exciting as the White's Thrush caught on camera in Scotland earlier in the year. Check out the outrageous still from the camera taken on 31st Jan in Highland, originally set to try and catch Wild Cats on camera! I love the photo, the bird isn't even that obvious in the landscape - a truly cryptic species!


Taken from Highland & Moray Bird Forum


  1. Awesome capture. What a luck. Should it be the same bird what was reported today (via BirdGuides)?

    Good blog... :)

    Best, Szimi

  2. Could be I guess Szimi - Makes you wonder just how many vagrants arrive in the autumn and stay for the winter going undetected by birders!

  3. I couldn't find it until I put my glasses on lol,